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Honeycomb for Advent Vega

Honeycomb for the Advent Vega is now at a stage where it’s mostly usable day to day, you an pick it up at Tabletroms. Very impressive work by newbe5 and Corvus to not only get Honeycomb working so quickly, but to get it working so well so quickly after the initial releases!

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Honeycomb for Advent Vega (and other ‘Harmony’ tablets) Coming Soon

Update: The community took up the challenge and ported Honeycomb WITH hardware acceleration.

It looks increasingly unlikely that Honeycomb will appear on the NVIDIA Harmony platform, which includes the Advent Vega.

However, that doesn’t mean the community couldn’t make a custom rom, but it’ll take a lot of work. Google aren’t releasing the Honeycomb source (instead we’ll have to wait for Ice Cream), additionally the community will need to integrate the drivers manually from NVIDIA.

While I’m sure we’ll see Honeycomb on the platform, I doubt it’ll ever be a nice slick implementation that you would get from an OEM-based rom. To be frank, if you want Honeycomb, best start saving the pennies for one of the latest generation of Android tablets. The Asus Transformer looks especially tasty. Personally I’m waiting for the quad core Tegra and Ice Cream, Froyo is enough for me for the moment.

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Resetting Android Vega Tablet

At some point you’re going to hard lock your tablet, at least if you’re like me. Only problem is there’s no physical power switch and you can’t take the battery out. Have no fear! Press and hold the Power and Back buttons simultaneously, after a while the tablet will turn off. Press the power button again to turn it back on, and now you’ve got your tablet back to working order!

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