I LOVEFiLM Launched

I’ve been holding off talking about my app until I had the free version available on the marketplace… and now it is!

I LOVEFiLM Screenshot

I hope you like it, it’s the product of much work, sweat, blood and tears with a little drop of pixie dust. Obviously you’ll need to have a LOVEFiLM account for the app to actually work for you, but if you do have a LOVEFiLM account I feel this app is the best on the market… because I made it!

No, but seriously this app is fully-featured and should offer everything you need, including:

  • New releases
  • Coming soon
  • Lists (genre, famous actors, famous directors, format, 100 best, language, production year, etc.)
  • Search by keyword
  • Add to default rental list or a specific list
  • Remove from rental list
  • Change title priority
  • Rating
  • Find all of the films / TV shows by your favourite actor, actress, or director
  • Find similar titles to the one you’re currently viewing
  • Play trailer for the title you’re viewing
  • Actor/Director information

But don’t take my word for it, download the free version and see for yourself! If you’re totally confident in my abilities (and who isn’t?!), then use the big banner below to get the full paid version:

Download for Windows Phone 7

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