NSubstitute – Falling off a log easy mocking

Call me crazy, but I like my programming to be easy as pie. If it’s complicated or I have to jump through some hoops then something is decidedly wrong.

This is where NSubstitute comes in Рit makes mocking dead easy, and the great thing is it integrates really well with Ninject for really easy unit testing with IoC. The NSubstitute home page has a great example of how the mocks work:

var calculator = Substitute.For<ICalculator>();

//Set a return value:
calculator.Add(1, 2).Returns(3);
Assert.AreEqual(3, calculator.Add(1, 2));

//Check received calls:
calculator.Received().Add(1, Arg.Any<int>());
calculator.DidNotReceive().Add(2, 2);

//Raise events
calculator.PoweringUp += Raise.Event();

And when something goes wrong, it’s pretty succinct with the error messages:

CallNotReceivedException : Expected to receive call:
    Add(1, 2)
Actually received (non-matching arguments indicated with '*' characters):
    Add(*4*, *7*)
    Add(1, *5*)

Ahhh I do love a nice simple API with fluent support.

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